21 November 2010

Just one last piece from second year before we play catch up and add the third year stuffs...

17 August 2010

I thought it might be about time to update this here blog with some work, as I've been told a blog should consist of 'regular entries'. What can I say, I'm a rebel. 

19 February 2010

24 January 2010

The blog is lacking, but I haven't been slacking...

I promise. Here are some photos of a sketchbook from my last project. Having the circle cutter surgically attached to my hand was a serious consideration that week...

14 December 2009

'Don't go.
I'll eat you up, I love you so.'

10 December 2009

Soy Cuba

 At long last.
The arrival of a brown package full of photos from my Cuban summer was the perfect pick me up, especially now that the greys of winter have well and truly settled in. So summer wasn't just a romantic dream after all?